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Celebrity Interviews
interviewed by VIKTOR FRANOVIK
in January 2012

After the fashion shows, What’s Next?

Andrea has been an exclusive model for us; we first meet this beautiful woman as part of Green Fashion. From there on she has done a few shows including the last which was “Elements of Green”.

Andrea was also crowned Miss Venezuela in 2004, where she represented he country with distinction.

What have you done after “Elements of Green”?

After being in your show, I starred in a Ricky Martin video “The best thing about me is you/lo mejor de mi vida eres tu”. I finished a photoshoot for Designers Giorgio Armani, and Baruch Vega. Also a Commercial for Palmolive, I modeled in NY Fashion Week, participated in the spanish award show Premios Juventud and a series of photos for different department store catalogs.

Talk to me about your professional life.

In my professional life, I am regional sales manager for CarCAAn (Caribbean, Central America and Andies) for Verifone Inc.

While doing Elements of Green for us, we spoke about one of your passions and ambitions. Care to talk to us about it.

I am working on my own cosmetic line. I will let you and everyone know more about it very soon.

I heard you have some wonderful news! 

I am happy to report that I got married and expecting my first child, Giulianna hopefully the end of march early april, God willing.

Anything pending, Whats next?

I miss modeling, I will return to it after a few months. I am pending a shoot for Touche, a lingerie line and renewing my contract with Elite Models.

Any finals words!

Is Franovik looking to create a couture line for pregnant women? Count me in!!!

We Congratulate Andrea, wish her and the new family many many blessings! Look forward to working with Miss Gomez in the near future. Keep checking Models&Designers for updates on Andrea and other models we have worked with.
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