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Cause Ambassadors
Diana Schoutsen

Born in Hamilton Ontario, Canada Diana is both Latin American and Dutch. Her parents are both immigrants in Canada from Honduras and Holland. Diana has her roots in Canada and emulates the best qualities from her family embracing different languages and cultures. She credits her parents for sustaining a fundamental and nurturing environment for her and her siblings to grow up in. Growing up on a dairy farm outlines Diana’s hardworking abilities and made her into the strong self-directed learner she is today. Country girl at heart, she is second youngest of five. Diana fully intends to become a congenial and sincere woman, while crafting her own individuality through her experiences and influencing others to make a difference.
At an early age, Diana went to ballet school; in addition, she began a modeling career when she was sixteen. As a model and dancer, she demonstrated a graceful spirit and exceptional talent. Diana began to study kinesiology at York University in Toronto for about two years, after much study she found she needed some hands on experience in the clinical field to decide where she would go next. Diana is now a graduate of Mohawk College with a diploma in Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy assistant. Diana also obtained her certificate as nutrition and wellness specialist from Niagara College, which she uses to educate clients in the professional clinical setting. She now plans to pursue and complete her degree in health and physically fitness from York University.

As a dancer and an actress of 5 years, Diana pursues a professional career expressing her creative side through dance, acting, and modeling. 

"Her one ambition in life is to be happy while defining her identity. She strongly believes in the power of influence, there is always room to make a difference in the lives of others."
Her appetite for learning about the world and other issues continues to drive Diana through volunteer opportunities. In the past three years, Diana has kept busy extensively traveling Ontario and Florida involving herself in many charitable events. Some of many charities Diana has been involved in includes: Children’s fund AKA tree of hope, UNICEF Canada, the Canadian heart and stroke foundation, Children’s wish foundation of Canada, the Canadian and American cancer society, as well as the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. With much experience, Diana uses these unifying positions to enrich her understanding about the world and other issues to excel in life
In 2008, Diana wanted to take her modeling career to the next level and has started pageantry. Diana is breaking barriers through pageants to promote and raise awareness about the things that she is passionate about. Her first pageant was the Miss World Canada pageant held in Toronto, Canada. Diana placed 5th runner up. She came out of the experience craving for more. She then entered Miss Latina Canada in 2009 and ended up walking away with the crown. 

It is Diana's country girl sincerity combined with her striking Latin American features that managed to captivate both the audience and judges. As the new 2009 Latin-Canadian goodwill ambassador, Diana surely saw how Miss Latina Canada opened up many doors for her as she began to travel extensively and was able to network in the entertainment industry. 

Among her many stops, was in West Palm Beach Florida, where Diana had the opportunity to represent Canada at local events, news conferences, guest appearances and photo shoots.  Her second stop included L.A, California where she attended the New York film Academy on a scholarship she had won from the pageant. This is where Diana was able to express her love for acting and take it to the next step professionally.


Hosting came to Diana as she represented Canada internationally as Miss Latina Canada. Some hosting jobs Diana was involved with includes: “The Hot Spot,” an ESteam Productions as well as Christmas greetings on Nuevo Mundo Television. Diana also hosted behind the scenes for “The Style Show,” in 2007 for dream studios.
Diana feels sheer pleasure spending time camping, snowboarding, running, and writing. Four of her many hobbies keep her energized and determined constantly. Music, dance, Modeling and acting also play a major interest in Diana's life; she feels compelled to dance passionately from the sounds of music, which is driven by emotion and self-discoveries to express characters through acting.

With regards to her modeling, she has modeled for local Florida designers, Franovik Designs (www.franovik.com) among others. 

Sprung from her past experiences and knowledge, Diana is ready to deliver her words of wisdom and presence to the world and make an audience look twice.

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